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Save money on waste: Implementation guide

Waste is costing you – to the tune of £7K a year. Our guide shows you how to slash your waste bill and boost your business profile at the same time. Oh, and save the planet while you're at it.

Can you afford to throw away £7K a year? That's how much Scottish businesses, on average, spend on waste every year – through purchasing raw materials and then paying to throw them away. Given that raw materials are becoming scarcer, and thus increasingly valuable, does that make good business sense to you?

If you have better things to do with your money, you need our free guide to waste prevention, re-use and recycling. Here’s what it can help you do: 

1. Prevent waste

  • Smart purchasing, taking into account a product's lifetime and potential for re-using or recycling;
  • Clever stock control, such as last in, first out and a regular 'stationery amnesty';
  • Good habits, from switching off lights to using thinner printer paper.

2. Re-use more

  • Repair or recondition goods, thereby contributing to the circular economy and broadening our skills base;
  • Sell on where possible, making the quality second-hand market ever more viable and saving you money.

3. Recycle effectively

  • Stream your waste for more effective recycling and compliance with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations;
  • Cooperate with business neighbours to cut costs and even get paid for your recyclable materials.

The actions in our guide will benefit the environment and save you money on waste disposal, unnecessary purchasing and landfill tax. It will help you engage and motivate staff – and prove your business is ready for the challenges of a sustainable, 21st-century economy.

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