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Economic assessment of the Zero Waste Plan for Scotland

Scotland's Zero Waste Plan sets out a vision of waste as a resource with real world value.

It sets a target of recycling 70% of Scotland's waste by 2025, driven by a suite of measures which will form the Zero Waste (Scotland) Regulations. The regulations provide a framework for separate collection of recyclable materials, and a ban on recyclable and biodegradable materials going to landfill.

To inform the development of these regulations, Zero Waste Scotland commissioned Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd to carry out an analysis of the financial and environmental implications of the proposed regulations as a route to delivering the recycling targets set out in the Zero Waste Plan.

The report Economic Assessment of the Zero Waste Plan for Scotland concludes that delivering the proposed regulations is estimated to benefit Scotland’s economy by £178 million by 2025 and deliver annual greenhouse gas savings equivalent to taking almost 800,000 cars off the road.

Findings are available in a full technical report or a short summary document.

For more information on the Zero Waste (Scotland) Regulations visit the Scottish Government website.

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