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A report on the Biorefining Potential for Scotland

The most detailed insight yet into the circular economy opportunities for bio-based waste and by-products generated in Scotland.

In the Biorefining Potential for Scotland report, bio-resource arisings in Scotland have been mapped to understand the scale and shape of the potential market. It shows there are 27 million tonnes of biomaterials produced in Scotland every year, with considerable scope of opportunity for development: thousands of tonnes of these valuable materials could be captured and put to high-value use.

It also highlights opportunities for new job creation in Scotland, particularly in rural and coastal areas where many of the materials arise.

The report demonstrates that the bioeconomy has a key role to play in creating a more sustainable future where we use resources in the most efficient way and reduce waste. Many industries, including Scotland’s food and drink sector, can benefit greatly from these opportunities and working closely with our strategic partners and key stakeholders, we look forward to the journey ahead. 

The report builds on our earlier work to quantify potential investment opportunities in the Scottish bioeconomy. It is one of the key actions identified in the Biorefinery Roadmap for Scotland, published by Scottish Enterprise in 2015, which aims to increase industrial bioeconomy turnover to £900 million by 2025.

For any enquiries relating to the Biorefining Potential for Scotland report, please contact us.

Our Circular Economy Business Support Service can help businesses across the wider bioeconomy to develop opportunities such as those identified here to implement new business models, technologies, practices and processes, whilst our Circular Economy Investment Fund provides the finance to make it happen.

You may also contact IBioIC for data requests on the location and availability of bioresource arisings.  

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