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Zero Waste Scotland and Tigh Grian Limited set to develop the ‘Resource Efficient House’

A partnership between Zero Waste Scotland and Tigh Grian Limited will see the design, build and eventually de-construction of an affordable family home which showcases the principles of resource efficiency and aims to change the future of homebuilding in Scotland.

4 Dec 12

The modular designed house will meet, and hopefully exceed, 2016 Scottish Building Standards Gold performance requirements, offering an easily repeatable and affordable model for the house-building industry to follow.

By creating a modular design home, there can be enhanced control over cost, waste arising and supply chain accreditation as the development isn’t subject to certain site difficulties.

Tigh Grian Limited has been appointed to construct the house on a development plot funded by Zero Waste Scotland at the BRE Innovation Park in Ravenscraig, North Lanarkshire.

Following construction, the House will be showcased as part of the Park for at least two years, including showcasing the design as part of an exhibition in the Lighthouse, Glasgow; and then deconstructed in a resource efficient manner.

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland said:

“I’m delighted to announce that we’ll be working with Tigh Grian Limited on this project, and look forward to seeing the end product.

“The Resource Efficient House will strive to make the best use of materials, water and energy, from the design to the build, to the lifestyle options available to residents, right through to the deconstruction.

“Developing a new standard in sustainable house building has the potential to change the future of this industry.”

Robert Cowie, Director, Tigh Grian Limited said:

“The principle of ‘homes for everyone’ underpins Tigh Grian’s work, and we aim to cover this through all aspects of the design, ensuring that the end result will be affordable, flexible and repeatable in high volume.

“By combining this with key resource efficiency principles, such as reducing energy requirements and better use of materials, we hope to take the lead in shaping a more resource efficient house building industry in Scotland.”

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