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A third of Scots are great recyclers, and Zero Waste Scotland is calling on the rest to use the right bins this Recycle Week

New Zero Waste Scotland figures show that a third of Scots are near-perfect recyclers, and help is at hand for the two thirds who are still unsure about recycling at home.

16 Jun 14

There has been a huge rise in household recycling, which has risen from 5% to 42% since 2001, yet two thirds of people in Scotland are still either throwing away material that could be recycled or putting unrecyclable material in their recycling bins. However, the study showed that a third of Scots are putting all the right things in the right bins when it comes to sorting out their waste at home. 

Recycle Week, which starts on 16th June and runs until the 22nd, aims to inspire people to check again about what they can recycle locally and make sure they’re getting it right. A new website, www.recycleforscotland.com, has been launched to allow people to check what their local council collects from the home, and to also help people find recycling facilities nearby for all kinds of other things including bikes, car batteries and even paint. 

This year’s Recycle Week is the first since the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations came into force in January, which require all businesses to separate their waste for recycling and businesses across the country including AG Barr and Tesco Bank are running activity in the workplace to get staff recycling more. Coca Cola are also taking a huge recycling drive along to the Royal Highland Show to encourage people to recycle plastic bottles. 

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland said: “Recycling is about much more than preventing things from ending up in landfill. The material we put in our recycling bins has real value and goes on to be used in all sorts of ways that benefit Scotland. Green glass from things like wine and beer bottles can be transformed into a variety of things, ranging from new bottles right through to high value water filtration material, providing clean drinking water and supporting Scottish jobs and the economy. Our food waste is transformed into renewable energy and high quality fertilisers and compost. 

“By simply making sure the right materials go in the right bin,  we’re playing a part in creating a circular economy in Scotland, where there is no waste, just materials that go on to be used again and again.”

Zero Waste Scotland is also working to ensure as many items as possible get re-used, rather than recycled or landfilled, by promoting the National Re-Use Phone Line.  By simply phoning 080 0665 820, callers to the phone line can skip all the hassle of taking large household items like bed frames, sofas and white goods to the local recycling centre and have them picked up for free and taken to be re-used by someone else.  

Re-using items is significantly more environmentally friendly than recycling them. For example, re-using 100 sofas saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon compared to recycling them. The Recycle for Scotland website has a wealth of information about how to reduce your waste and re-use more often as well as information on recycling, providing a one-stop shop for ways to become a zero-waste household.

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