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Scottish industry bodies commit to food and drink sustainability measures as first Courtauld 2025 review is released

Two of the biggest bodies representing Scotland’s growing food and drink industry have thrown further weight behind the drive towards a more sustainable food nation in Scotland. 

6 Dec 17

Scotland Food & Drink and the Scotch Whisky Association are among the latest signatories to the Courtauld 2025 commitment, which sees leading industry bodies and businesses working together to produce food and drink products more efficiently, make best use of residues and by-products, and tackling food waste.

The commitment is led by sustainability body WRAP and backed with funding from the Scottish Government through Zero Waste Scotland.  It is just one part of a range of activities set to drive progress against the Scottish Government’s target to cut food waste by one third by 2025.  

The new Scottish signatories join 22 further new signatories announced today across the UK, to coincide with a review of the scheme’s first year, led by WRAP. The report outlines how WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland have collaborated with partners across the food and hospitality industries to make progress and lay the groundwork for future action. 

Zero Waste Scotland has delivered the successful Love Food Hate Waste campaign as well as launching a free food waste audit and improvement service for small businesses.  It is also evaluating potential new measures to help Scotland achieve its EU-first target to reduce food waste.  That includes action under four key themes:

  • Encouraging organisations to show leadership on food waste
  • Empowering people to make better choices
  • Improving standards and regulation
  • Supporting new technology and innovation

Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, said:

“The Scottish Government is proud to be a partner in the Courtauld Commitment 2025 which is a key priority to prevent the scourge of wasted food.

“Scotland was the first nation to set an ambitious target to cut all food waste by one third by 2025 as we recognise preventing it is one of the most effective ways of fighting climate change, delivering savings for businesses and households, and righting an essential wrong.

“The Scottish Government is keen to collaborate with other nations across the UK where it can have the most impact – especially when it comes to food waste in the supply chain, and in businesses and in the home. We are committed to continuing to deliver reductions through joint work such as the Courtauld Commitment, which has already achieved significant reductions and cost savings to business, and I am confident will continue to do so.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“Food waste is a global problem with serious environmental and social implications. The best way to tackle it, is to prevent it. As such Zero Waste Scotland’s focus is on making changes throughout our food system so we all waste less food.

“That’s why we’re supporting the Scottish Government’s work with the food and drink supply chain through the voluntary Courtauld agreement, to which I’m delighted we now have 24 new signatories. I’m particularly delighted that Scotland Food & Drink and the Scotch Whisky Association have been announced as new signatories.

“The efforts of businesses, government and consumers together will be vital if we are to achieve Scotland’s ambitious target of cutting food waste by 33 per cent by 2025,” Iain Gulland concluded.

James Withers, Chief Executive, Scotland Food & Drink, said: 

“We want our food and drink industry in Scotland to be a world leader in responsible growth. At the heart of that is ensuring we make the most of our finite resources and reduce waste at every turn. 

“Collaboration between different parts of our industry and with Government has taken our food industry from a static position ten years ago to now being star performer in the economy, growing twice as fast in Scotland compared to the rest of the UK. That same approach can ensure the whole food and drink supply chain works together to maximise the environmental and financial benefits of reducing waste.

“Our new Ambition 2030 strategy looks beyond just growing our £14billion turnover and 115,000 strong workforce. We will measure success on the wider impact we have on Scotland and society, which is why a commitment to Courtauld is an important step for us.”

Morag Garden, Scotch Whisky Association head of innovation and sustainability, said:

“The Scotch Whisky industry is committed to sustainability and we have an award-winning environmental strategy. We have pledged our support for Courtauld 2025 – a voluntary commitment – to play our part in producing lower impact products, more efficiently, and making the best use of our residues.”

Activities carried out in the first year of Courtauld include, grouped under themes of collaboration, helping us all to save more food, and planning for the future, include:

  • Working with businesses and sector bodies to create the Your Business is Food, Don’t Throw It Away campaign, which provides free tools for businesses to track, cost and act on food waste.
  • Your Workplace Without Waste, employee engagement programme
  • A mapping tool to help to help businesses trace wastes generated by the manufacturing process
  • Working with the Love Food Hate Waste campaign to help consumers not to waste food
  • Looking forward, the Courtauld 2025 Review highlights key actions to be completed in the coming months and years.

To illustrate how Courtauld 2025’s holistic approach from farm to fork is already delivering change, WRAP sets out achievements under sector categories. A snapshot of these is given above, while the full picture can be viewed online at http://courtauldreview.wrap.org.uk

For media enquiries contact:

Claire Munro, PR Manager                                                                                                         
m: 07702 976594
e: Claire.munro@zerowastescotland.org.uk  


Notes For Editors

Editor’s Notes

  • Zero Waste Scotland exists to create a society where resources are valued and nothing is wasted. Our goal is to help Scotland realise the economic, environmental and social benefits of making best use of the world’s limited natural resources. We are funded to support delivery of the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy and the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy.
  • Zero Waste Scotland launched the Resource Efficient Scotland programme in 2013 to help small to medium sized businesses and organisations save money and energy by using resources more efficiently. It is funded by the European Structural Funds Programme and the Scottish Government. Find out more at www.resourceefficientscotland.org.uk
  • More information on all Zero Waste Scotland’s programmes can be found at www.zerowastescotland.org.uk. You can also keep up to date with the latest from Zero Waste Scotland though via our social media channels - Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus | LinkedIn
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