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Scottish hotels sign up to UK agreement to stamp out food and packaging waste

Leading Scottish hotels have joined a UK agreement to cut food and associated packaging waste, which launches today (27 June 2012).

26 Jun 12

Scottish-based signatories to the UK Hospitality and Food Service Agreement include Fairmont St Andrews, Crieff Hydro, the Townhouse Collection, which includes Glasgow’s Blythswood Square Hotel, Gleneagles Hotel, and BDL Management, which owns The Point Edinburgh amongst others.  

Supporters for the agreement include the Scottish Government, the Scottish Tourism Alliance, VisitScotland and Glasgow Restaurant Association.

The UK agreement aims to reduce food and packaging waste by 5% and increase recycling to 70% by 2015. UK-wide signatories include bakery chain Greggs and catering giants the Compass Group.

For more information on the UK agreement visit the UK press release at http://www.wrap.org.uk/hafspr.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

 “We have made huge strides to tackle household food and packaging waste in Scotland. We are now looking at ways to reduce waste that is created away from home, in restaurants, fast food chains and the catering industry.  Of course, businesses will need help to do this and the Scottish Government is committed to providing that through our Zero Waste Scotland programme.

“I am delighted that some of Scotland's world-leading hotels have come on board with this initiative from day one and I hope many more follow their example.  It not only gives them a chance to demonstrate their values, it can also help these businesses save money and therefore become more sustainable.”

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“Huge economic and environmental gains can be made by tackling food waste, and it is fantastic to see so many iconic establishments in Scotland make a commitment to make their operations even more efficient. 

“By signing an Agreement to reduce and recycle food waste and associated packaging, Scotland’s hospitality and food service industry is taking the first step to use resources more efficiently, save money, and meet new Waste (Scotland) Regulations, approved by Scottish Parliament last month. 

“Under current proposals, businesses will be asked to present key recyclable materials, including paper and card, metals, plastic, and glass separately for recycling.  Businesses involved with food retail, production, or preparation will also be asked to separate food waste too.    

“Reducing and recycling more makes financial sense for businesses and holds the potential to boost Scotland’s economy.”

One of the hoteliers to welcome the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement in Scotland is Fairmont St Andrews, an early signatory to the scheme.  

Jonathan Titterton, Director of Facilities at Fairmont St Andrews, said:

“Fairmont St Andrews have long been an advocate of the reduce – reuse – recycle process and in signing up to the voluntary agreement has reinforced the principle and the importance of treating waste as a resource.

“A responsible approach to waste and energy management also makes good business sense and has saved us £209,000 over four years.  We want to lead the way in the hospitality sector and will continue to strive towards optimising our resources and reducing our environmental impact.”

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