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Scottish Government urges Scots to recycle more this Christmas

With people across the country in shopping overdrive for Christmas, the Scottish Government is today (Wednesday 1 December) asking Scots to recycle their festive waste.

1 Dec 10

Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment was joined by children from Trinity Primary School, an Edinburgh eco school which has just been awarded the top accolade of Green Flag, at Dynamic Earth’s Polar Extremes Gallery today, to officially launch the latest recycling campaign encouraging people to recycle more, more often.

Scotland is committed to becoming a zero waste society and the targets are very ambitious – 40% of household waste to be recycled/composted this year rising to 50% by 2013 and 70% by 2025.

To help achieve this, the campaign reinforces the message that the everyday things we use have the ability to be recycled and given another life. The campaign creates a character out of items which people often throw away without thinking such as boxes, bottles, paper and cans by giving them a powerful motif of eyes, to encourage people to think before discarding these recyclable items with other household waste.

From today, the Scottish public will see the lively and memorable campaign characters on television, posters and online, to help drive home the message that by recycling more items, more often, we can give waste another life.

Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment commented:

“Today’s campaign aims to reignite recyclers to see more potential in the waste we produce and to encourage them to give their rubbish a new life through recycling.

“The Scottish Government is committed to a zero waste Scotland and has set ambitious targets to reduce the amount of waste we generate each year. We want to see 70 per cent of waste recycled by 2025.

“We must all start to take more steps to achieve these targets and we hope that this new campaign will help to raise awareness of how by giving waste another life, we can reduce the huge amount of waste being sent to landfill. Scottish households currently recycle enough each year to fill bin lorries the length of Scotland, from Gretna Green to John O’Groats and back again. A great and commendable achievement but we really must push further.”

COSLA spokesman, Councillor Alison Hay, joined Mr Lochhead in congratulating Scotland’s recycling efforts so far.  Councillor Hay said:

“COSLA and the Scottish Government want to see as much waste as possible being prevented, re-used and if not recycled.

"The present performance of Scotland is impressive. The commitment shown by individuals, businesses and communities to separate waste for recycling, put out kerbside bins and take materials to recycling centres, should be commended. Such commitment is often not considered when publishing statistics or launching new campaigns.

“It is truly a remarkable demonstration of some great work by all and also highlights opportunities to achieve more recycling. It is a fantastic achievement that we all should be proud of.”

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