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Scottish Government launches first National Litter Strategy since devolution

Scots are being urged to do the right thing and use the bin with the launch of Scotland’s first national litter strategy since devolution.

12 Jun 14

A staggering 250 million bits of visible litter are dropped in Scotland each year, damaging the environment and posing a risk to public health – with littering and flytipping costing at least £53 million of public money to tackle.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead has unveiled the Scottish Government strategy, Towards a Litter-free Scotland, which aims to reduce litter and flytipped waste and increase recycling by encouraging us all to take personal responsibility.

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“Zero Waste Scotland will be driving the delivery of the new litter strategy and I look forward to convening action with partners and stakeholders to tackle the issue head on. Litter has no place in a zero waste society and this strategy sets out a clear vision to bring new ideas and a fresh approach to an issue which has plagued Scotland’s communities for too long. By reducing litter and fly-tipping and increasing recycling in public places, we can protect Scotland’s natural beauty and harness the value of waste as a re-usable resource.”

View the full Scottish Government press release here.

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