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Scots urged to get swapping, sharing and donating for Pass it on Week

Zero Waste Scotland calling on businesses, community groups and individuals to plan events to encourage re-use

23 Jan 15

Scots are being encouraged to join in with a re-use revolution, as part of a new national week to promote swapping, sharing and donating. Pass it on Week will take place from 7th to 15th March and Zero Waste Scotland is promoting it to encourage people to pass on things they no longer want to someone else, rather than throwing them away.

Local people are being urged to donate items to charity, swap with friends and given second hand goods a try, as part of a national week to minimise the amount of re-usable materials sent to landfill. Zero Waste Scotland is also encouraging individuals, businesses, community groups, schools, colleges and charity and re-use shops to organise events such as swap shops, clothes swaps, repair workshops and upcycling sessions to help spread the word and give people a chance to get involved.

A huge range of materials are available on www.passitonweek.com to help anyone interested in organising an event or wanting to find out more about the week and what’s happening.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland said: “Pass it on Week is all about getting the message out that if you’ve finished with something, then someone else will be able to make use of it, so rather than binning it, please pass it on. The great thing is that there are loads of fun and social ways to do this. Swap shops are a great way to have a clear out and pick up things for free. Clothes swaps are a fun way to refresh your wardrobe, whether you’ve changed size and need to trade things that no longer fit, or want to swap some ill-advised impulse buys for things that are more your style. There will be events happening across the country, so if you want to organise one yourself, or find one to attend, go to passitonweek.com to find out more.”

Easy ways to pass on items include donating things like books, clothes, CDs and small household items to charity shops or friends and family, or if you have a larger item such as a piece of furniture or white goods you can call the National re-use phone line on 0800 0665 820, where you can arrange a free pick up to send your item to a local re-use organisation. 

Pass it on Week is also about encouraging people to buy second hand. There is also a growing network of second hand stores that are Revolve accredited, including Recyke-a-Bike in Stirling, which sells refurbished bikes.  The Revolve mark is awarded to re-use stores that meet the highest quality standards to make the retail experience of buying second hand as good as buying new.

Find out more about how to get involved in Pass it on Week at www.passitonweek.com

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