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Reducing food waste “could save the global economy $300 billion a year”

26 Feb 15

Commenting on new figures from the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which show reducing consumer food waste could save up to $300billion a year globally, Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland said:

“It’s clear from these new figures that food waste is a global shame and that tackling it would deliver huge environmental and economic benefits.   For example, in Scotland alone we waste around £1billion of perfectly good food from our homes each year.

“We can all do something about this.  Zero Waste Scotland backs the Love Food Hate Waste campaign which can provide everyone with valuable tips to avoid wasting food.  We also have a key role working with retailers, manufacturers and industry decision makers to influence changes which prevent food waste in the first place. ”

Media Calling Notice

**Ylva Haglund, Love Food Hate Waste campaign manager and an expert on how individuals can reduce and prevent food waste, is available for interview**

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