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New investment to help Scotland’s businesses save

Loans of up to £100,000 are available to help SMEs in Scotland to be more efficient with the resources they use and save money on their costs.

3 Oct 13

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing announced today that Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loans will extend loans previously provided by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) in Scotland to also include measures to save on water and materials as well as energy, and will be available through the Scottish Government’s Resource Efficient Scotland programme.

He said: “We launched Resource Efficient Scotland to help businesses benefit from expertise on energy, water and materials all from one service. Through the small business loans, hundreds of businesses have been able to make vital savings by putting in place ways to save on energy and produce renewable energy.

“By safeguarding and using resources wisely, with best business practice, Scotland’s firms are an example to all. I would encourage businesses to speak to Resource Efficient Scotland today to access this financial support.”

The loans could assist with investment in measures that will produce a carbon saving and optimise  water, energy or materials use while delivering a financial saving for the organisation, for example,  by introducing workplace bathroom and kitchen taps with infrared hand sensors.

SMEs can be considered for the loans once they have obtained a qualifying report through Resource Efficient Scotland, or a non-domestic Green Deal assessment, which identifies the recommended key measures that they can apply for loan funding to implement.

To date over 500 firms have benefitted from loans to help them be more energy efficient. 

Mike Thornton, Director, Energy Saving Trust Scotland, said:

“The Scottish Government’s SME loans scheme has been successfully providing zero or low interest finance for many years to small businesses in Scotland. This extension to the scheme, to include waste and water saving measures, provides a great opportunity for SMEs to save even more money.”

Resource Efficient Scotland is managed by Zero Waste Scotland, and provides a one-stop-shop of free advice and information on using energy, water and materials more efficiently to save money and protect the environment.  Resource efficiency could benefit the Scottish economy by £2.9bn.  Since the programme was launched earlier this year, more than 8,500 businesses have benefitted from a range of services including helpline support, site visits and consultancy services.

Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficient Scotland, said:

“More than 8,500 businesses have accessed advice and support from Resource Efficient Scotland since the spring and almost half a million pounds of savings for businesses have been identified so far if those businesses implement changes. Having these new loans available will help businesses go further in their efforts to be more resource efficient.”

Not-for-profit organisations, charities and private sector landlords can also apply to the Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loan scheme.

Resource Efficient Scotland can be contacted on; enquiries@resourceefficientscotland.com ; www.resourceefficientscotland.com


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