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Love Food Hate Waste lessons on offer at food festival could see locals save cash

As the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight (3 – 18 September) gets underway this weekend, a local food festival in Nairnshire has announced their plans to provide cookery workshops which demonstrate ways to reduce food waste and save money.

30 Aug 11

Findings made by Zero Waste Scotland, the organisation set up by the Scottish Government to deliver its Zero Waste Plan, suggest that Scottish families throw away £430 in wasted food each year and that two-thirds of food thrown out is still suitable for consumption. 

By attending Living Food at Cawdor Castle, an event taking place on Saturday 24 September which aims to be a celebration of local, organic and artisan food produce and also hopes to promote sustainable living, visitors can learn tips about reducing food waste, such as storage do’s and don’ts to make food last longer and recipes to turn leftovers into delicious meals.

Betsy Reed, Head of Campaigns for Zero Waste Scotland, said:  “The Love Food Hate Waste campaign offers practical hints, tips and advice to help Scottish consumers reduce their food waste, saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint. Simple steps like planning meals and making a shopping list are easy ways to do something about it.  By reducing their food waste, people in Scotland can save themselves some money, help the environment and help Scotland work toward its targets to become a zero waste society.”

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