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Last one to leave the office

Businesses urged to switch off and save money over Christmas

18 Dec 14

Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland, is encouraging businesses and organisations across Scotland to reap the financial rewards of being more sustainable over the Christmas and New Year break by following five simple steps to resource efficiency.

Given many offices and work places will be closing their doors over the festive period, managers should be planning ahead so resources and profits are not being wasted whilst staff are away.

By following these top five cost efficient tips, businesses and organisations can ensure they are well prepared for the Christmas break and in a great position to save money:

Turn off electrical equipment

Staff should ensure they have turned off and unplugged computers and monitors, air conditioning units, fans and heaters, printers and photocopiers. It is estimated that if 30 members of staff forgot to turn off their computers and monitors for a fortnight, this would needlessly add over £280 to electricity bills.Turn off office lighting

Staff should ensure they have turned off all office lighting, including interior lights and Christmas lights. A single light bulb left on for a fortnight can waste over £2 of electricity.

 Adjust heating controls

Heating controls are frequently overlooked and large amounts of money can be wasted if settings are not adjusted during a business shutdown. Boilers tend to operate on seven-day timers and are commonly left to run as normal during a shut down, even though premises are unoccupied. The cost of heating a 1,000 square metre office for a fortnight using gas at this time of year is around £700. Whilst a small amount of frost protection is recommended, the majority of this expense is completely avoidable if the business is empty.

Ensure waste management is complete

To save time and ensure the business returns with a clean slate in January, all paper, card, plastic, metals and glass should be separated for collection for recycling. Any food business which produces over 50kg of food waste per week must present it for separate collection, except those in rural areas. If you are unsure of what your business needs to do, please visitwww.ResourceEfficientScotland.com/regulations or call on 0808 808 2268.

Measure your energy and water baseline

The festive break is a great opportunity for businesses and public sector organisations to measure energy and water baselines. Meter readings can be recorded immediately before and after the shutdown period. This data can help identify areas where resources can be saved in the long term.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland said: “The Christmas break is a great opportunity for businesses and public sector organisations to “switch off” and reduce their bills, whilst making a positive impact on the environment. Our top five tips are incredibly simple energy saving measures, which take very little time to implement but a good financial return. There is a wealth of information available at resourceefficientscotland.com or by calling our free helpline number: 0808 808 2268.” 


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