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Just how can people be green on the move?

Thanks to an £850,000 investment from Zero Waste Scotland, 1,000’s of new recycling bins are set to appear across Scotland, making it easier to recycle away from the home.

30 Jan 13

The new facilities will make it easier for people to recycle, making it more convenient and turning the problem of litter into a useable resource for Scotland.  Over 32 projects have benefited from the Recycle on the Go Capital Support Fund, covering a range of locations such as public transport sites, tourist attractions, higher education institutions, shopping centres and NHS facilities.

In total, 2,700 new recycling bins will be installed in over 250 sites thanks to the funding.  The bins will make it possible to recycle a range of materials including newspapers, plastic bottles, and aluminium drinks cans.

Busy locations where people will be able to recycle include Edinburgh Airport, Nevis Range Mountain Resort, Our Dynamic Earth, Overgate Shopping Centre in Dundee and the University of Strathclyde.

Zero Waste Scotland – Scotland’s programme to help individuals, businesses, and local authorities reduce waste, recycle more and use resources sustainably - and the Scottish Government are urging people to use the new recycling bins when they are out and about.

Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Richard Lochhead said:

“Recycling is vital to the economic and environmental future of Scotland so we must make it as easy as possible for people.  This funding is just one example of our commitment to make the most of Scotland’s valuable resources, and the bins will also contribute to our work to crack down on litter.”    

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“We must stop thinking of used materials, like empty bottles and drinks cans, as waste. There’s real value in the goods we throw away, and the small effort it takes to separate waste for recycling can contribute to economic growth for Scotland.

“These new recycling bins will be in busy, public areas to make it easier for people to recycle on the go.  

“We were delighted to extend the funding from £500,000 to £850,000 in order to meet exceptional interest shown by local businesses and organisations, and we urge people across Scotland to make use of these new facilities.”

This latest funding supports work to address Scotland’s litter, and investment totalling over £2 million has already been committed by Zero Waste Scotland to prevent litter and increase recycling.


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