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If you’ve loved it, don’t let it go to waste

Zero Waste Scotland urges Scots to pass on old items to be loved by someone else this Valentine’s Day

9 Feb 15

Scots gearing up for Valentine’s Day are being asked to spare a thought for the unloved items languishing in their homes and garages, and make a call to the National re-use phone line to pass their items on to bring happiness to a new owner.

As a nation, our love affairs with our household items often end badly for the products, with once-smitten owners making the fateful trip to the tip to drop the family sofa, a child’s first bed or an armchair that just saw one too many nights in, into skips headed for landfill. With Zero Waste Scotland’s National re-use phone line, it doesn’t have to end this way.

This Valentine’s Day, Zero Waste Scotland is calling on householders in Stirling to make one phone call to arrange for their old items to start seeing other people, rather than letting the end of the relationship leave belongings on the scrapheap. By calling 0800 0665 820, you can arrange for your item to be picked up for free and taken away to be re-used by someone else.

Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland Iain Gulland said: “The things we buy can bring us lots of happiness over the years, but at some point we end up upgrading for something new. Our message is that if your item is still in good condition, it could still go on to be loved by someone else after you if you pass it on. That’s why we created the National re-use phone line, to give people an easy way to make sure their unwanted stuff can find a perfect match somewhere else.”

Zero Waste Scotland also supports CRNS, Scotland’s national reuse, repair and recycling charity.  With members throughout Scotland actively involved in the reuse, repair and recycling sector, the charity champions the reuse of pre-loved items.  Commenting on this latest initiative of Zero Waste Scotland, Mary McLuskey CEO of CRNS said: 

“There are a range of alternative ideas for St Valentine’s Day that will still say how much you care. The day itself is the perfect occasion to spread your love not just for your sweetheart but also for the environment and your pocket.  Pre-loved can have a lot of character and charm and be in great condition and our membership welcomes quality pieces of furniture or household items.  Our love is pre-loved and we hope that yours can be too.  To find out how to donate go to www.crns.org.uk or give the national telephone line a call.”

The types of items commonly collected by the phone line include sofas, chairs, tables, wardrobes, white goods and beds that are still in good condition. To ensure your item can be collected, Zero Waste Scotland does advise householders to check that sofas and armchairs have their fire tags still in place to comply with regulations around re-sale, and to ensure items are not broken or damaged as they would not be able to be collected.

To find out more about how to give your items a chance to find love again, go online to www.crns.org.uk or call 0800 0665 820.

To find pre-loved items in your local area, you can also visit your local Revolve accredited store. The Revolve mark is awarded to re-use stores that meet the highest quality standards to make the retail experience of buying second hand as good as buying new. 

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