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The Highland Council lead the charge for resource efficiency in business

The Highland Council is to take a lead role in helping businesses save money, be more competitive and reduce their environmental impact by using resources more efficiently, by backing the national Resource Efficiency Pledge scheme. 

27 Jun 14

The Resource Efficiency Pledge is a new scheme from Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland which works with businesses to help them reduce both their running costs and carbon emissions. By making the Pledge, businesses can choose a number of actions that will help them reduce their use of energy, water and raw materials, and also provides a way to demonstrate to customers and partners that the business is environmentally responsible.

The Highland Council will be an official Resource Efficiency Pledge Ambassador, working with local businesses to promote the scheme and support them to make savings. The council’s ambassador role for the Pledge scheme compliments the Carbon CLEVER Declaration, a leading project in the Council led Carbon Clever initiative,  set up to achieve a carbon neutral Inverness in a low carbon Highlands by 2025.

Many Highland businesses are already reaping the benefits of resource efficiency.  Over 3000 businesses in the Highlands have received support from Resource Efficient Scotland (RES), including The Boat Hotel in Boat of Garten, which will save over £16,000 and 115 tonnes of CO2 annually thanks to an interest-free loan to purchase a biomass boiler and advice from RES. The Pledge scheme is an ideal way for businesses to start their journey towards greater resource efficiency, and several Highland businesses including Mackays Hotel in Caithness and McInnes Plumbing and Heating in Inverness, have already made a Pledge.

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland said: “I’m delighted that Highland Council are becoming Ambassadors for the Resource Efficiency Pledge and supporting us to reach businesses in this area. The Pledge helps businesses to save significant sums of money on their running costs, cut their carbon footprint and show off their green credentials all in one easy step. “

Leader of The Highland Council, Councillor Drew Hendry said: “The Resource Efficient Scotland Pledge is a fantastic opportunity for organisations to receive support to implement real action and achieve actual savings while reducing carbon emissions.

“The Highland Council role as pledge ambassador reinforces our commitment to supporting the transition to a Carbon CLEVER Highlands. Carbon CLEVER is about practical solutions and creating an environment that fosters growth and attracts investment. ”

Depute Leader, Councillor David Alston said: “It is great to see Highland organisations receiving support from Resource Efficient Scotland, and as an ambassador the Council can promote this further. It’s an opportunity for business to implement win/win efficiency solutions, saving themselves money while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions. ”

Convener of The Highland Council, Councillor Jimmy Gray added: “There is already a lot of very positive work being done by organisations and community groups across the Highlands. This new scheme provides the inspiration and motivation for businesses to become more efficient and we look forward to supporting and promoting the benefits for the area.” 

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