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Funds available to spark ‘on the go’ recycling

Keep Scotland Beautiful is supporting Zero Waste Scotland to increase the provision of Recycling on the Go facilities in Scotland, including supporting infrastructure and developing technical guidance, which will be published in 2012.

18 Nov 11

Zero Waste Scotland has this month launched a £150,000 infrastructure development fund for ‘Recycling On The Go’ facilities in Scotland.  

Grants are available to fund the eligible capital costs of installing new infrastructure and revenue costs for communications activities designed to support widespread and appropriate use of the facilities.

The fund can be used to provide recycling facilities in the following locations:

  • on street sites (e.g. city centres, public parks, beaches)
  • shopping centres
  • transport hubs (e.g. airports, railway stations, motorway service stations)
  • leisure attractions/venues (e.g. sporting arenas, theme parks, conference facilities); and
  • hospitals (public access areas only)
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