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Edinburgh International Science Festival goes plastic fantastic with support from Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland is delighted to be sponsoring the Edinburgh International Science Festival this year, bringing to life the potential there is in recycling and re-using plastics.

22 Mar 13

At the Polyfloss Factory at the City Arts Centre venue, children can see the transformation of everyday plastic items into recyclable fibres in front of their own eyes, get hands-on with some plastic recycling techniques and explore some of the uses of plastic in everyday life.  They will have the chance to use the innovative, artisan recycling Polyfloss machine – a converted candyfloss machine which turns plastic into a floss-like fibre which can then be melted and moulded into shape – and  design and create their very own multi-coloured, funky recycled plastic ruler to take home.  

The Polyfloss team (Nicholas Paget, Emile De Visscher, Audrey Gaulard and Christophe Machet) met at the Design Interactions Course at the Royal College of Art.  This innovative course brings artists, designers and engineers together to create novel and interesting new products.  While Christoph and Emile approached the project from an engineering background, Nicholas explored the design implications and Audrey brought her experience as a fashion designer.

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland said:

"Zero Waste Scotland is delighted to be able take part in this creative and engaging programme for this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival. 

“Education is an important part of raising awareness and understanding of how what we previously thought as waste can be an important source of valuable materials and resources for our future. Our Festival event aimed at children will also be fun for adults and will look at plastics and how we can prevent, recycle and reduce the use of plastics.

“The Curriculum for Excellence also offers an opportunity to engage schools, and through this and our associated activities such as supporting recycling infrastructure, schools can put learning into practice by introducing facilities such as collection points and food waste collections to show how it all works together.”

Dr Simon Gage, Director of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, said:

“For two weeks we transform Edinburgh into one of the world’s greatest playgrounds for the restlessly curious.  Come and join us on a one way trip to Mars or look into the future of our food where we ask if we should be eating aliens or insects, help us explore the future of our cities and find out why play keeps us young. We invite you to explore literally hundreds of new ideas across the Festival.”

The 2013 Festival begins on Saturday 23 March and runs until 7 April. The Polyfloss Factory is open at the City Arts Centre festival venue in Edinburgh, from 10am – 4pm every day for everyone aged 7 and older.

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