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Don’t let the shortest day of the year leave you short of change

With today the shortest day of the year, make sure lighting costs don’t leave your business short of change this December.

22 Dec 15

In Scotland we can expect fewer than seven hours of daylight this Tuesday. At this time of year, with staff reaching for light switches earlier in the day, and lights on for longer, inefficient lighting technology and practices can make a real dent in profits.

Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland, are looking to improve lighting and help organisations enjoy cost savings through their new lighting resources.

Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficiency, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

Lighting is a significant component of energy costs in most small and medium sized enterprises in Scotland. In public and commercial buildings, lighting can account for over 20% of the total energy bill. Of course, the percentage will vary according to the type of operation.

“Although energy costs have risen sharply in recent years, lighting technology has improved substantially. If you want your organisation to be more energy efficient and enjoy reduced energy bills, taking action on lighting is a great place to start.

“To help organisations get going, we’ve created five downloadable resources, including a ‘how to save money and energy on lighting systems’ guide and a lighting costs calculator. These can be found on our website and are useful tools to help businesses save resources and profits.”

Also included in the Resource Efficient Scotland downloads is a procurement guide on how to carry out a successful lighting replacement project, lighting label templates and staff engagement resources.

Resource Efficient Scotland are also delivering two lighting and heating workshops for businesses in the New Year. For more information on the events visit www.resourceefficientscotland.com/events-list

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