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CIWM’s Waste Smart training course celebrates reaching milestone

Tanya Peshkur from the Scottish Environment Technology Network (SETN) has become the 1000th student to successfully complete CIWM’s Waste Smart industry standard training programme.

20 Aug 14

The course is designed to provide a concise introduction to waste and resources management for those new to or not directly involved in the industry.  In Scotland the course has been adapted to specifically highlight new Waste (Scotland) Regulations which require organisations in Scotland to separate key materials – plastic, glass, metals, paper, card, and in most cases food – for recycling.

To overcome the lack of trainers in Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland has worked with CIWM to provide funding and support for 12 employees from a range of Scottish organisations in the public, private and third sector to become Approved Waste Smart Course Trainers.  This has enabled a wider roll-out of the course across Scotland, building capacity to increase knowledge of the new regulations as well as an understanding of why and how resources need to be managed more effectively and efficiently.

Charlie Devine, Head of Resource Management at Zero Waste Scotland and CIWM Committee Member said:

“CIWM’s Waste Smart training is an essential introduction to the industry, and helps to encourage a move towards a more sustainable and resource efficient culture.  There are however differences in how the industry operates in Scotland, particularly following the introduction of new regulations earlier this year, and so it was great to work in partnership with CIWM to offer a course specifically tailored to delegates working in Scotland.

“I’m delighted to see Tanya become the 1000th student to complete the course, and I hope that we’ll see many more delegates in Scotland enrolling and getting ‘Waste Smart’.”

Tricia Williamson, Head of Training at CIWM said:

“Waste Smart is a vital tool for any organisation committed to sustainability and the green agenda.  It helps individuals to recognise the part they play in reducing, reusing and recycling the organisations waste.”

Tanya Peshkur, Scottish Environment Technology Network (SETN) said:

“I’m delighted to be the 1000th person to be issued with a Waste Smart Certificate. I work in the SETN laboratories and the Waste Smart course really helped me relate what I do day-to-day with the real world of waste management. I’d recommend it to everyone.”

Tanya Peshkur’s training was delivered by Dr. Robin Szmidt, Director, Target Renewables Ltd, who was one of the 12 trainers funded by Zero Waste Scotland.  Robin said:  

“Waste Smart is an important tool for so many diverse companies and organisations needing to make the most of their resources as well as understand their waste-obligations.   It’s amazing how trainees each come to their ‘light bulb moment’ when they realise just how important this is to their business and to their colleagues and that they really can make a difference in the workplace!”

For more information about CIWM’s Waste Smart training course, visit http://www.ciwm.co.uk/WSHome.aspx

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