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Cash for cans and bottles

The Scottish Government’s Environment Secretary has helped to launch the first ‘Recycle and Reward’ schemes in Scotland aimed at encouraging people to recycle empty bottles and cans.

21 Feb 13

Part of the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Scotland programme, this pilot programme will look at ways in which schemes which offer incentives such as vouchers, donations to charities or money back may increase recycling rates and reduce the amount of used drinks containers going to landfill.


Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland, said:


“It’s vital that we consider fresh approaches to boosting recycling rates and capturing the value of materials which would otherwise be sent straight to landfill.  


“Through this pilot, we want to assess the impact of this approach which has proved successful around the world, including in Germany, South Australia and Scandinavia.  It’s important we change the way people view waste in Scotland and we’ll be looking at how incentivising these recycling schemes impacts on recycling rates and complements other schemes designed to capture valuable materials, including kerbside, recycling centres and banks.”


To learn more, please visit the Scottish Government website.

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