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Bids Invited for Scottish Recycling Fund

Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise are reminding businesses that significant investment is still available this year from the Scottish Recycling Fund.

8 Jan 15

Through the Scottish Recycling Fund (SRF), businesses can apply for a loan to help develop or expand their capacity for the sorting, re-use/repair and reprocessing of eligible waste materials in Scotland, as well as remanufacturing facilities.

Products and materials eligible for the fund are based on the environmental impact, potential job or volunteer opportunities arising and activities which support a more circular economy. These include: plastics, textiles, glass, industrial food and drink processing waste/by-products, electrical and electronic equipment, and plasterboard. The materials and sectors included within the loan fund have been selected based on environmental impact, potential job opportunities and activities supporting a more circular economy. A circular economy is one in which we keep materials in use for as long as possible in order to extract the maximum value from them.

Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, said

“The Scottish Government is backing the industries of the future by making this £3.8 million available to those interested in developing our reprocessing and remanufacturing industries.  Developing new business opportunities in repair or remanufacturing of valuable products, and realising the value in our waste materials like plastics, textiles and glass will make our economy more circular, and more resilient, while reducing our carbon emissions. I’d strongly urge any businesses who think they might be eligible to contact Zero Waste Scotland to see what funding and support might be able to help them develop these businesses of the future.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

The Scottish Recycling Fund is an important source of investment for businesses looking to develop a more sustainable, circular model, and it’s available right now. A circular economy is one which creates and sustains jobs and moves away from the outmoded ‘take make and dispose’ approach, preserving resources for the future. Zero Waste Scotland is encouraging any firms which think they may have a business idea which fits the criteria to contact us as soon as possible.”

Kerry Sharp, Head of the Scottish Investment Bank, said:

“Scottish Enterprise recognises the significant growth opportunities for Scotland in making the transition to a low carbon economy, and in particular the supply and adoption of low carbon technologies where Scotland already has competitive strengths.  SE is seeking to maximise new economic opportunities by promoting the move to a low carbon economy in our support to companies, sectors and the wider business environment. The Scottish Recycling Fund is designed to assist businesses who seek to develop or expand their capacity for the sorting, re-use/repair and reprocessing of eligible waste materials in Scotland, as well as those developing or expanding remanufacturing facilities as part of the development of a more sustainable circular model.”

For media enquiries contact:

Claire Munro, PR Manager

t: 01786 239791

m: 07702976594

e: Claire.munro@zerowastescotland.org.uk

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