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Become a Green Champion with free online training course from Resource Efficient Scotland

Resource Efficient Scotland is calling on staff from organisations across Scotland to become a certified Green Champion through a new online training course. 

21 Aug 14

Employees responsible for their organisation’s environmental performance can take advantage of a free training course which has already trained more than 180 Green Champions.

Rising raw material and utility costs, changing environmental regulations and increasing customer demands are putting pressure on companies to further improve their resource efficiency. Resource Efficient Scotland is a Zero Waste Scotland programme designed to provide a one-stop-shop to help businesses reduce their energy, water and raw materials usage and has developed the training course to provide staff with the knowledge and tools to help them meet these challenges.  

It is ideal training for members of staff who have a responsibility for the environmental performance of their organisation including office managers, administrators, environment managers, health and safety personnel, purchasing teams, facilities managers, operations managers and other environment champions. The course provides the skills and knowledge to understand the benefits of resource efficiency, identify opportunities to save money on energy, water and materials, be able to collect and analyse data, and bring about change.

“Our online Green Champions training course gives Scottish organisations free access to 9 short planning and practical modules,” said Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficient Scotland. “These give staff the skills they need to reduce their use of energy and resources and save money.

“Green champions also have the opportunity to enhance their CV and receive a course completion certificate. We’re delighted that more than 180 individuals from Scottish organisations have already completed the course and call on all businesses  across Scotland to take advantage of this comprehensive resource as soon as possible.”

OPG Limited and Border Biscuits are two organisations that have already benefited from the online course.

“The Green Champions modules are comprehensive yet simple to follow and there’s something in each of them for businesses of all sizes,” said Alan Watson from OPG Limited, a South Lanarkshire based graphics company. “The modules will help us to stay on course as we strive for continuous improvement of our environmental management system which is driven by ISO14001 certification.”

“The Green Champions Training course is very intuitive and easy to use, with lots of great examples. It’s short, punchy, to the point, which is perfect if you’re short of time!” said Caryl Hamilton from Border Biscuits. “The downloads are a fantastic resource.”

The Green Champions course can be accessed via the Resource Efficient Scotland website. The course is part of a wide range of resources available to businesses to help them use fewer resources and save money. The recently launched Resource Efficiency Pledge scheme is a great way to start your resource efficiency journey as a business. By pledging to take on a number of actions over the course of a year, businesses can develop a set of goals to work towards and also gain certification for their achievement and demonstrate their commitment to resource efficiency.

The online savings finder tool is also a great way to kick off a resource efficiency drive, by using a short questionnaire to develop a tailor made report to identify money saving opportunities for your business. Businesses can also take advantage of free one-to-one advice and support via Resource Efficient Scotland’s free advice helpline by calling 0808 808 2268.

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