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£500,000 boost for more recycling bins in Scotland’s public places

Zero Waste Scotland launch £500,000 fund to provide more facilities for people to recycle when they are out and about has been launched today by Zero Waste Scotland.

28 Aug 12

The Scottish Government-backed delivery body highlights that providing more convenient and easy to use recycling facilities, in busy public places, will help Scotland boost its recycling rate and benefit from the value of these resources.  It has been estimated that achieving a 70% recycling rate by 2025 could boost the economy by around £178million1.

Items, like plastic bottles, cans, and newspapers, which are commonly discarded by people on the go, hold a high value when collected separately for recycling.  Installing recycling facilities in public places will provide Scots with the opportunity to separate different types of waste materials for recycling, something which is easy to do and already done by many at home as part of their local kerbside recycling service. 

Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Richard Lochhead said:

“Being able to recycle more when we are out and about is another important step towards treating all our waste as a valuable resource.  Plastic bottles, separated for recycling, can be sold for over £190 per tonne for example - but recyclable materials are worth nothing when disposed of in bins destined for landfill.

"These ‘Recycle on the Go’ facilities offer an easy way to capture the value of resources which have the potential to benefit Scotland’s economy and environment.  By recycling your bottles and drinks cans in this way, you can make an important contribution to helping create new jobs and a resilient future economy for Scotland.”

Iain Gulland, Zero Waste Scotland said:

“Last year, we invested over £250,000 to provide recycling units in busy public places across Scotland, such as Edinburgh’s recently refurbished Royal Commonwealth Pool and Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park. 

“The additional funding we’ve now made available will allow even more recycling bins to be installed, helping to make recycling while we’re out and about even easier.  New waste regulations which kick in from 2014 onwards will make it a requirement for many businesses to put in recycling facilities, but we also know that people want to be able to recycle when they are away from home right now.

“The fund is open to applications from land owners, facilities managers, and local authorities, and guidance has also been published to help ensure the bins installed are well-designed and easy-to-use.

“‘Recycle on the go’ facilities can turn the problem of litter into a resource for Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland is currently developing a robust and comprehensive ‘state of the nation’ evidence report on litter.  The report - due next year - will provide a powerful basis for our future approach to tackling litter, and increasing ‘recycling on the go’, to help make the most of opportunities to keep valuable materials in our economy.”

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of the environmental charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful, said:

“I am delighted that this fund is being made available to provide Recycle on the Go facilities in Scotland. Keep Scotland Beautiful’s latest survey shows that plastic bottles, newspapers and drinks cans are among the most prevalent litter types on our streets. I am certain that these new bins will be of great assistance in helping Scotland in the fight against litter and allow us to collect high value materials for recycling.”


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