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£3m contract awarded for money-saving green advice service

Zero Waste Scotland has awarded a £3m p.a. Scottish Government-funded contract to a consortium led by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) for a new one-stop advice service to help Scottish organisations reduce energy, water and raw materials costs.

28 Feb 13

The new Resource Efficient Scotland advice and support service will go live on 1st April 2013 and will replace Scottish Government business and public sector advice services currently delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Carbon Trust and EST.  It will be the first time advice on energy, water, materials and waste can be accessed from a single service.

The service will provide free support, training and access to funding to help organisations implement resource efficiency measures.  It will operate a telephone and web-based advice service, staffed by resource efficiency experts and provide managed support such as on-site consultancy visits.  

The contract will form part of a wider £7m p.a. programme which will include strategic interventions around specific resource-use ‘hotspots’, such as the energy performance of buildings or reducing food waste in the hospitality sector.   Resource Efficient Scotland will also commission research and development, fund commercialisation of innovative technologies and facilitate collective industry agreements.  

Zero Waste Scotland estimates that Scottish organisations could save £2.9bn a year by taking simple steps to cut energy, water and raw material use - around £7,000 for every organisation in Scotland.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

“Resource Efficient Scotland is an important new service which will make it easier for organisations in Scotland to get help which can save them money.  Taking simple steps to use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently could save Scottish organisations up to £2.9bn a year.  

“Importantly, it is also another example of Scotland leading the way and listening to the needs of businesses, third sector and public sector organisations.   By joining up support around these important environmental concerns we are also helping to make Scottish firms more competitive and ultimately help to grow the economy.  The announcement of this contract is a significant step and I look forward to the new service being open to business from April.”

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“We believe bringing together Government-backed advice and support on energy, water, raw materials and waste in this way is a first within Europe.

“The Scottish Government’s economic strategy recognises the fundamental contribution resource efficiency can make to economic competitiveness – the economies which flourish in the 21st century will be those which prioritise efficiency and green growth.

"This new service has been shaped around the needs of businesses and the public sector and it is focused on helping organisations take practical action.  We look forward to working with Energy Saving Trust and partners to deliver this support to those who can benefit the most.”

Mike Thornton, Director of Energy Saving Trust Scotland, said:

“The Energy Saving Trust is delighted to be appointed by Zero Waste Scotland to run the Scottish Government’s Resource Efficient Scotland advice and support service. Together with Ricardo-AEA and our other partners, we look forward to working with Zero Waste Scotland to deliver this important new service to businesses, public bodies and community sector organisations across Scotland in ways which will maximise the benefits to Scotland’s low carbon economy.”


Notes For Editors

  • Zero Waste Scotland works with businesses, the public sector and consumers to help them become more efficient in their use of resources. This reduces carbon emissions, strengthens the economy and improves our environment. 
  • The Resource Efficient Scotland programme is funded by the Scottish Government and will be managed by Zero Waste Scotland.
  • The Advice and Support Service contract has been awarded at a consortium led by Energy Saving Trust, which also includes Ricardo-AEA, Grant Thornton, Mabbett and Associates, and Energy Savings Scotland Advice Centre contractors.  The contract value is £3m over each of the next two years.
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