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Who we work with

To effectively tackle litter & flytipping, we all need to work together.

This includes charities, action groups, individuals, local authorities, national infrastructure groups, duty bodies, statutory undertakers and local communities.  We share knowledge and resources to help them in their work to address litter and fly-tipping issues.

Here’s an example of the sort of people we work with: 

Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime- SPARC

Zero Waste Scotland works in partnership with a number of other organisations such Police Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland, and Scottish Land & Estates to tackle rural crime in all its forms. We focus specifically on preventing flytipping. 

Chewing Gum Action Group

We support the Chewing Gum Action Group, which delivers an annual campaign with everything authorities and other land managers need to plan, launch, implement and monitor action in their communities. 

A range of guidance and further information can be found on the Chewing Gum Action Group website.

National Fly-tipping Prevention Group

This is a group of organisations working to prevent and tackle fly-tipping. Its work is focused on influencing, advising and raising awareness about the anti-social nature of fly-tipping, and the potential health and environmental damage it can cause.

Defra chairs the group and provides secretariat support. The group meets on a three-monthly basis and is attended by a number of partner organisations from across the United Kingdom.

Find out more on The National Fly-tipping Prevention Group website.

(Please note some of the information contained on the website may not be relevant in Scotland due to a different legislative framework).

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