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Circular Economy Business Models: ‘Product as a Service’ Webinar - Recording

Ever considered what your customers are really buying from you? Are they buying a product, or actually seeking the service provided by the product? Could you offer a ‘pay per wash’ solution for a washing machine, a monthly subscription service for clothing, or a sports equipment rental option? 

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Scotland’s drive to Net Zero is encouraging companies to flip their business model upside-down and offer their product as a service, which optimises the use of the material and strengthens the relationship with the customer. Watch this webinar to learn from circular economy experts and exemplar companies who are already pursuing this innovative concept.

Speakers included:

  • Jess Twemlow, Associate Director for Circular Economy and Sustainability at Ricardo.
  • Jennifer Griffith, Product Marketing Team Lead at EGG Lighting.
  • Naomi Ross, Managing Director at Sioda.
  • Victoria Thomson, Co-Founder of pa-RENT.
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