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Waste (Scotland) Regulations - Case Studies

Many Scottish companies successfully implemented changes ahead of the legislation as they could see the benefits of complying with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations for their business, the environment and the economy.

Bay Fish and Chip Shop

Bay Fish and Chip Shop is an award-winning fast-food retailer committed to managing waste effectively. Food waste is recycled, turned into compost by a local farmer who grows the potatoes from which the shop makes its chips. All waste fuel is converted into bio-fuel, packaging is recyclable and compostable, and staff are trained about the company’s environmental programmes and incentivised to develop sustainable ideas. Over a twelve month period they prevent 6,300kg of waste from going to landfill and have saved 56 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the environment.

Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, by the very nature of its business, finds waste to be a major costs. Improved recycling helps reduce the expense and prevent waste to landfill.

Mercat Tours

Mercat Tours operates in Edinburgh on-street with tourists and from its offices. Both aspects of the business aim to prevent waste and improve recycling.

Elan Hair

Award-winning Elan Hair goes above and beyond to improve their recycling. 

Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens famous the world over 700,000 visitors a year and over 2 tonnes of food waste weekly which is taken to anaerobic digestion.


Timberyard is a small Edinburgh city centre restaurant preoccupied with preventing waste across every aspect of their operations

Mo’s Convenience Store

Mo’s Convenience Store considers all aspects of waste prevention and relies on staff to support their policies.

Mains of Scotstown Inn

The thriving Mains of Scotstown Inn champions sustainability and takes a holistic approach to waste management.

Gleneagles Hotel

The Gleneagles Hotel manages waste across all aspects of its business including events, conferences, food service eand guest rooms.

Graham Construction

Graham Construction based at Fife Energy Park clearly mark waste streams to prevent contamination and capture key recyclates.

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