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Waste composition analysis programme 2021-2024

During 2019-20 Zero Waste Scotland developed a business case for a new programme of waste composition analysis research in Scotland, with input from the Waste Data Strategy Delivery Board. We produced an outline business case document in 2020. 

Household waste composition programme 2021-2023

Zero Waste Scotland is establishing a new programme of household waste composition analysis in 2021 and the programme is likely to run until 2023. Like our previous programme in 2013-15, these studies will focus on describing what households throw away and recycle, helping local authorities to better understand current waste and recycling stream composition. Results will highlight opportunities for further waste prevention and recycling. 

To support the new programme Zero Waste Scotland have developed a procurement framework with Scotland excel and plan to provide dedicated funding and technical support. We have also produced a revised guidance document for waste composition analysis and a document that details a standard methodology for household sampling design.

The results from individual local authority studies will be combined to provide up-to-date national estimates for the composition of household wastes. This webpage will be updated with the new national estimates as they are produced. 

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