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Study into consumer second-hand shopping behaviour to identify the re-use displacement affect

Re-use displacement in this study is defined as “the quantity of second-hand purchases that have replaced what would otherwise have been a purchase of a new item”.

The study was commissioned by WRAP to identify the re-use displacement values for priority material streams which are; textiles, electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and furniture.

The study included a survey of over 3100 consumer shoppers at a range of different second-hand sale venues.  1791 interviews were in England, 713 were in Scotland and 682 were in Wales.  Interviews were completed within, or just outside 566 different venues. Of the total venues 412 were charity shops, 150 were private second-hand shops, and four were at car boot sales and household waste recycling centres (HWRC).

In addition to determining re-use displacement values for a range of products, data was also obtained in relation to second-hand item purchasing behaviours, including information on venue choices and awareness and use of product labels, standards and warranties.

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