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Stakeholder survey: actions and attitudes in relation to anti-litter activity (2017)

We commissioned a survey of stakeholders with an interest in anti-litter activity to better understand the range of actions being taken, how stakeholders view the wider intervention landscape, and how stakeholders are interacting with the National Litter Strategy.  

This report was designed to inform our programme and intervention development, and help inform Scottish Government thinking around the Strategy.  It has been not been written with a wider readership in mind.  If you are interested in the issue of litter and flytipping in Scotland more generally, we would strongly recommend visiting our knowledge hub to see a range of research and intervention ideas.

One of the limitations of the current report results from the difficulty and complexity of isolating litter management costs for stakeholders, and the overall challenges of cost-effectively measuring the effectiveness of anti-litter interventions.  Despite improvements in understanding in recent years, this can mean quantitative data may not always be available to respondents.  We will continue to consider different ways to most effectively and efficiently conduct surveys of this kind in future.  

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