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Single-use plastics: looking ahead

This landmark plastics legislation marks another exciting step on Scotland’s move away from single-use items and provides an opportunity to highlight how transition to a circular economy can help address the climate crisis we are all facing.

For example, the Scottish Government has already consulted on the introduction of charges for the provision of items, such as single-use disposable items, that are harmful to the environment. The Scottish Government intends to establish a working group to support the design of a charge for single-use beverage cups, including arrangements for monitoring its effectiveness. In addition, the Scottish Government will also consider how best to reduce consumption of on-the-go food containers which will involve various engagement activities with stakeholders in 2022*.

Led by Defra, there is a UK-wide approach to develop an extended producer responsibility scheme for packaging.  A consultation on this ran earlier in 2021. This scheme will support the Scottish Government’s agenda to improve the collection, recycling and recyclability of plastic and other packaging not covered by these single-use plastics market restrictions.

* Subject to the UK Internal Market Act 2020

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