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Re-use signage available for local authority recycling centres

Help available to get more people to leave items for re-use

Local authorities are being offered the chance to get new signage to encourage people to use the re-use facilities at their local recycling centre. We’re making an open offer for all Scottish councils to apply to receive branded signage to increase the capture of re-usable items.

Our research shows that the majority of people don’t differentiate between recycling and re-use when disposing of items unless prompted, so often do not see the difference between leaving items in the re-use section instead of the recycling section. Testing showed that reminding people that their item could go on to have another life and benefit others is highly motivational in encouraging them to donate items for re-use.

The refreshed Re-use brand has specific materials for recycling centres that have been consumer tested based on extensive research, and these can be developed and tailored to suit individual sites.

We are looking for local authorities with recycling centres that are well set up for re-use, to take advantage of this opportunity to add extensive motivational, directional and informational signage to create exemplar sites with a clearly signed user journey from the approach to the site right through to the exit.

The overall pot of funding for this activity is finite, so applications will be selected based on meeting the criteria outlined below and being submitted by the deadline of 12 January 2017. If demand outstrips the available funding, applications will be prioritised according to how well they meet the criteria.

To apply download the application form.

Frequently asked questions

What will be funded?

We will fund signage that assists users of recycling centres to pass on items for re-use. This includes signage on the approach to recycling centres that prompts users to think about whether any of the items they have to dispose of could be used again by someone else, and reminds/informs them of the benefits of re-use to local people, the community, charities and the environment.

It includes signage to inform people what items the site collects for re-use at the entrance, directional signage to help people find the right bays and containers, and messages as they leave the re-use section that informs them about other re-use services such as the Re-use Line, and local re-use organisations that may collect from them directly in future.

The signage can take the form of metal signage for mounting to poles (where we will supply the metal signage for councils to mount) and also vinyl banners where these could be easily mounted to fencing or container, A-frame signs, corex boards or other types of signage depending on the individual site.

What criteria do councils have to meet?

Councils can apply for signage at recycling centres which have a dedicated re-use section, have facilities to collect different item streams and have an arrangement for local re-use organisations to collect items left for re-use.

Statistics on the volumes of material currently being diverted for re-use should be provided (from WasteDataFlow or similar), and councils would also need to agree to provide an update to these figures six months after signage is installed to allow us to track any impact of the intervention.

Councils should detail any involvement with Revolve certified organisations in their re-use operations for information.

How can councils apply?

Interested councils should fill in this short application form to tell us about the sites they wish to apply for signage for. The deadline for applications is 12 January 2017.

What will happen if the application is successful?

If your application is successful, a member of our team will come out to the recycling centres to do a site visit, and discuss signage requirements directly with council staff.

Based on these site visits and discussions, we will draft a signage plan for the site, which will be sent to council for approval. Following sign-off of the plan, we will arrange for the production of the signage which will be delivered to the council for installation.

For any questions about this offer, please contact Andrew Pankhurst andrew.pankhurst@zerowastescotland.org

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