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A presentation on the waste arisings by volume per household (2015)

This presentation was given to the steering group of local authority waste managers that formed to agree the content of the Household Recycling Charter and associated Code of Practice

It estimates the likely range in volume of common waste materials (paper, card, plastics, glass, food and non-recyclable waste) that households in Scotland may place out for collection each week.

This study was based on waste composition analysis that was carried out across Scottish local authorities in 2013-2015 and was assessed against data on households. This composition data was converted into volumes using bulk-density information from previous studies to provide an estimate of what volume of each material might be presented by households under a range of scenarios.

This study informed section 3.4.1(f) of the Charter Code of Practice, but was considered alongside practical application of collection systems by the local authority steering group. 

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