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Opportunities for re-use partners – final call

Zero Waste Scotland, working with all sectors to encourage re-use in Scotland, currently has several opportunities open to a range of potential partners including third sector organisations, which are available for just one more week.

Re-using products and materials presents an attractive economic opportunity for Scotland, and we are looking to put the right infrastructure in place for Scotland to capitalise on this.

Zero Waste Scotland will support organisations to capitalise on Scotland’s opportunities by providing three different types of funding.

Improving collaborative working

There is one week left to apply for funding to support third sector and/or private sector re-use and repair businesses, local authorities and the NHS, to trail partnership working projects  to increase the range and amount of re-usable materials collected and diverted from the resource stream.

The fund is designed specifically to provide support for collaborative re-use and repair capital/ or infrastructure improvements and offer awards of up to £60,000.

Funding can cover costs such as warehousing, repair workshops, deconstruction projects and where possible for partnerships to increase the flexibility and range of collections to support the National Re-use Phoneline.

The closing date for round one of funding is 31 August 2015. 

Improving product collections

We also welcome third sector applications to our collections fund, with awards of up to £100,000 available.

The collection of high-value products and materials, like electronics and furniture, is crucial in developing a thriving, profitable re-use economy in Scotland and is the focus of the latest funding opportunity for commercial and third-sector organisations.

We’re looking for innovative solutions to the challenges of capturing the high-value products currently gathering dust in homes as well as commercial and industrial premises, or finding their way to landfill, that should be feeding a re-use boom.

To crack the problem of how we can capture more items such as small electronics, commercial and industrial machinery equipment (such as automotive parts, medical equipment or even railway rolling stock), furniture, or packaging - from where they fall out of the system and channel these effectively into remanufacturing and re-use, we’re opening a competitive fund offering awards of up to £100,000 over two years to trial or replicate innovative solutions in Scotland.

We’re looking to hear from bidders by the 18th of September 2015, with a commercially sustainable, robust business plan.

Bidders should hold Revolve accreditation, or equivalent, for private sectors.

To receive the application documents you need to register your interest by completing the online application form for this fund.  You will then be emailed the application documents.

Improving repair and upcycling skills

Research carried out by Zero Waste Scotland found a shortage of skills could be preventing re-use organisations from growing their businesses. So we launched a  new nationwide fund aims to get over this barrier by helping workers to gain training skills in repair or upcycling for four types of common items: electronic equipment, furniture, bicycles and textiles. There is still time to apply for grants of up to £1,800 are available to cover the costs of tuition, travel and subsistence, and any materials or equipment needed for the course.

 See more at: https://www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/content/zero-waste-scotland-offers-new-training-opportunity-re-use-organisations

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