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How to be a savvy shopper this Christmas

Highlands and Islands residents have been named the thriftiest gifters in Scotland, with more than a third claiming they would buy second-hand gifts for loved ones this Christmas. So how can we all be a little less wasteful at Christmas? 

This Christmas, why not consider sourcing unique gifts that are kinder to the environment by shopping second-hand?

This couldn’t be simpler to do as we operate the national Revolve standard – a quality certification for second-hand shopping that lets people know they are buying quality goods from a credible retailer and can expect excellent customer service.

Scots are well on the way to being savvy shoppers, as research we commissioned from YouGov shows:

  • Almost a third of Fife residents surveyed said they would buy second-hand gifts for loved ones at Christmas.
  • The majority of residents across all areas in Scotland told us they have bought or would buy second-hand in order to find good quality items at a lower price, and also to find something really unique that no one else will have under the Christmas tree.
  • Four out of five Scots would be happy to receive a pre-loved Christmas gift.
  • Meanwhile 68% of Scots have purchased a second-hand item for themselves, yet only a quarter of Scots said they had ever gifted someone else a second-hand item.

The most popular types of second-hand items purchased in Scotland, according to the survey, include books (72%), clothes (50%), furniture (44%), DVDs (43%), music CDs (39%), electronics (31%), fashion accessories (30%), baby items (19%) and shoes (19%).

Buying Revolve means that not only will you be treating someone to a special and unique gift, you’re also helping to care for the environment making White Christmas a little bit greener too.

To find your nearest Revolve certified store, visit www.revolvereuse.com  

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