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The food we waste in Scotland report

How much food is wasted by households in Scotland?

The report was carried out to assist us, government and government bodies, retailers and the food industry to develop policies, advice, tips and tools to help us all reduce the amount of good food we buy but don’t eat.

How much do we waste?

It is estimated that in Scotland:

  • We waste 630,000 tonnes of household food and drink.
  • 60% of our household food and drink waste is avoidable. This could be prevented by planning, storing or preparing the food and drink we use differently.
  • We spend £1.1 billion on avoidable household food and drink waste or £470 per household a year
  • Avoidable food and drink waste also accounts for 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq) emissions.  Preventing these emissions would offer the same CO2 eq savings as taking 1 in 4 cars off Scotland’s roads.  

The estimates above are based on data from 2012. The report has been updated from earlier estimates of household food and drink waste in Scotland for methodological consistency. The reasons for this are explained in the report. 

The report was produced by WRAP.

Download the full report

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