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Episode 1: The future of food

Insect farming and other ways to reduce food waste and help save the planet.

In this episode, we explore the fascinating future of food.

Wasted food is a major cause of the climate crisis. Each year in Scotland alone we collectively waste over £1billion worth of food from our homes. Insect farming might sound like a joke but it’s a serious business opportunity to turn Scotland’s waste into value.

We talk to Zero Waste Scotland’s, Dr William Clark, who probably knows more than anyone in Scotland about how Scottish insect farms can help to produce the sustainable food supply we need - reducing waste and emissions and creating green jobs too.

Laurence Webb from Tesco joins us to explain why the UK’s largest supermarket is keen on insect farming too as part of growing efforts to help combat climate change by working with its suppliers to make customers’ shopping far more sustainable.

Rosie Jack from Fife food and drink hub, Bowhouse, also drops in for a chat about how as a small, Scottish business it’s working with Zero Waste Scotland and local food producers to make a big difference to food waste.

Find out more

Zero Waste Scotland provides a range of expert advice and support to help everyone waste less to help end the climate crisis.

Our Love Food Hate Waste programme provides simple, tasty tips to help everyone waste less food. Read our community newsletter.

Our experts provide free online virtual food waste audits for businesses, funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund.  These consultations have already helped almost 300 companies waste less food and money, typically saving firms around £5,000 each per year.

Our ongoing Food Redistribution Matchmaking service was launched during the 2020 Covid pandemic to prevent food waste by connecting suppliers with surplus produce after their traditional markets shutdown with organisations such as charities which need food.

For more on reducing food waste read Scotland’s Food Waste Reduction Action Plan.

For more on how we can produce and consume our food differently to help end the climate crisis read Zero Waste Scotland’s Future of Food report.

Turning muck into brass: Read our guide on how to become an insect farmer.

Our research on the economic benefits of insect farming is here

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Our guests:

  • Dr William Clark, bioeconomy expert at Zero Waste Scotland;
  • Laurence Webb, responsible sourcing manager at Tesco;
  • Rosie Jack, market and events manager for Bowhouse food hub in Fife.


Zero Waste Scotland bioeconomy expert, William.clark@zerowastescotland.org.uk

For more information on Bowhouse food hub click here.

For more information on Tesco’s sustainability work with WWF click here.

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