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Dinnae waste a morsel of your Burns Night Supper

Want to make the most of your Burns Night food?

Follow our top tips below to save yourself money and prevent food waste:

Freezing and storing

  • When you buy your haggis look for the number of people it serves on the packet, or ask your butcher what size you’ll need.
  • You can freeze just about anything – including haggis! If you’ve bought more than you need or you’re not cooking it immediately, stick it in the freezer and defrost it when you need it. Once it’s defrosted keep refrigerated and use it within two weeks.
  • If you’re shopping in advance, wash, chop, bag and freeze neeps and tatties to keep them fresh and save you time on January 25. They will retain the same nutritional value as if you prepared them on the day.


New Year’s resolutions – how to cut down on food waste in 2017

  • Only attempt a big food shop if you’ve prepared a shopping list to avoid buying food you won’t use.
  • Remember to check your cupboards first before you go shopping, as you may already have a lot of the ingredients you need.
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