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Support your local charity shops

I was walking down my local high street the other day and as with many towns there’s quite a number of local charity shops, in amongst the newsagents and takeaway food shops.

Zero Waste Scotland | 24 Mar 11

 Some of these charitable causes seem to have little difficulty in attracting good quality items  while others have a bit more of a struggle to keep their shelves stocked.  I noticed some requests in the shop windows for different items that they were ‘in need of’;  ladies clothes and paperback books seemed to be top of the list.

Now I’m sure there’s lots of goodies hidden away in the drawers and cupboards of most homes that could do with a second chance and it doesn’t take much effort to have a little sort out and donate your unwanted items to these worthwhile causes.  Not only will you be helping  the charities to raise a bit more money, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too by stopping these items potentially ending up in landfill and making reuse a realistic choice.

For more information on Reduce, Reuse and Recyle go to www.sort-it.org.uk

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