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Roll Up! Roll up!

It’s been a great summer and Scotland has been a must visit destination.  It’s been a record year for visitors to many of our landmark attractions such as Edinburgh Castle and Linlithgow Palace.  The Edinburgh Fringe and International Festival saw record ticket sales also. Scotland is clearly doing something right.

Iain Gulland - Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland | 11 Sep 13

We have a beautiful country with historic attractions and some of the best food and drink in the world.  We are serious about our tourism offer to the world and it's clear that the rest of the world gets it and are prepared to come to visit and experience it.  As well as the obvious dividend returned from the spending of these record visitor numbers, there are the added benefits of new business opportunities being realised as people are encouraged to invest and tap into the ever increasing hospitality market.

We are similarly determined about our resource efficiency drive. The ambitious zero waste policy and now our appetite for the circular economy concept and approach is shaping our activities. This is not just about achieving high recycling rates but transforming our economy.  We are keen to drive innovation and the delivery of infrastructure which can really make the difference.  The Zero Waste Scotland programme is all about making the right environment for this to happen so we are very pleased to be attending the RWM Exhibition in Birmingham to meet and engage with potential investors and operators to  secure real impact in Scotland.

We’ll make no apologies that our presence at RWM this year will have all of the aspects one might associate with a kind of international ‘trade visit’ to showcase attractions, intellectual assets and entice investment.  I know from my networks that the UK is full of potential investors looking to capitalise on the emerging circular economy thinking, fresh with ideas about new technologies and business systems.  Indeed these potential investors and developers often voice their frustrations on the lack of stimuli elsewhere to support their commercial ambitions.  Well, not so in Scotland.  We are very much looking to encourage and support investors in this exciting journey and our regulations in particular are designed to address barriers around the supply of materials.

Scotland can and does offer a different landscape and welcome. Like our tourism industry we are committed to our brand, our natural resources, our historic record of pioneering innovation. In this case, it’s about becoming the world leading resource efficient nation, so if there are investors who want to do business then I believe there is no better time to visit, experience and set up shop. And like all the best hosts we want to try to make your stay the best possible, so if there's something holding you back, not quite what you had on your itinerary for investment,  please ask and we can see what we might be able to help with. I look forward to meeting all those able to visit us at our stand at RWM this week or want to get in touch afterwards. We’re serious about this – and hope you are too.

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