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Reuse in offices

As a regular reader of the excellent My Zero Waste  Blog, I just wanted to share one of the really simple ideas highlighted today for reducing waste in the workplace. 

Zero Waste Scotland | 30 Mar 11

In many offices I go into, you see lots of workers going out at lunchtime and coming back armed with carry out lunches in polystyrene packaging, carried in plastic bags.  And yet many of us have a surplus of the free reusable bags at home that we’ve been given at events or by supermarkets.  A small central stash of these in a ‘bag point’ in an office means that office workers can help themselves to a bag whenever they need one, and return it afterwards for someone else to use.

If people could go one step further and take their own containers for their carry out lunches, to avoid using polystyrene, or other materials that may not be able to be recycled, even better.  Resealable containers can be used time and time again – and save considerable amounts of waste.

So simple, and yet so effective.

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