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Is it springtime yet?

Well the snowdrops are up and looking delightful at the edges of  the local woods and in some of the nearby gardens, so I think it might be time for a spring clean soon.

Zero Waste Scotland | 24 Feb 11

Time to check out those dark corners in the cupboards

and behind the furniture for old cobwebs and layers of dust. 

 Well actually it’s not quite that bad in my house but there are always areas that seem to miss out on the quick tidy and vacuuming.  Talking of vacuum cleaners, one of my brilliant colleagues mentioned an interesting article which you can read on http://myzerowaste.com/2011/02/story-vacuum/?  highlighting the truly wasteful society that we belong to and the fact that often people don’t bother to find out why something has stopped working and just replace it with a new one!

Well the contents of my vacuum cleaner are tipped regularly onto my compost heap; all those bits of dog hair and the added dust and dirt that accumulates inside it make up some of the ‘browns’ that we need to put into our compost bins to get the right mix.  I’ve noticed that the heap is reducing fairly quickly now, so that must be a sure sign that the air temperature is rising.  Here’s looking forward to getting out in the garden and planting some vegetables for later in the year.  

I must also remember to give the vacuum cleaner a quick clean up too; I don’t want it letting me down in the middle of my spring clean!                                                                                    

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