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It’s good to talk

It’s good to talk. So said the late Bob Hoskins in the popular 90’s BT adverts. He probably didn’t have the circular economy in mind when he said it, but in Scotland, the conversation is certainly happening – and there’s lots to talk about.

Iain Gulland - Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland | 10 Nov 14

Hot on the heels of the Scottish Resources Conference in October, where the circular economy topped the agenda, we have our first major opportunity to engage with the businesses who are crucial to bringing about a transformation in the Scottish economy.

I’ll be in Glasgow on Tuesday night to deliver the keynote address and take part in a panel session at ecoConnect, an influential forum for businesses in the greater Glasgow area to share information, and expertise and learn about and discuss new ideas, innovations, and trends.

That the circular economy is on the agenda is great news, and attendees have been asked to consider some meaty issues to throw at the panel, including infrastructure requirements, , skills base, connectivity within the supply chain, moving beyond the traditional association with waste, and more. As ever I look forward to getting some testing questions.

Later in the week, on Thursday, I’ll be joining a more strategic discussion about the circular economy at the University of Edinburgh.  Part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Disruptive Innovation Festival, I’ll be sharing a panel with speakers from both policy and business.  Although a different audience the conversation here will I’m sure still be about the journey to a circular economy and the opportunities for Scotland.

My aim in these events will be to engage with our partners both existing and future to gauge their opinion and gather evidence on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead on the circular economy.

Both events are the perfect opportunity for many of those who are interested in Scotland to have a discussion about how we progress a circular economy, that moves away from the current linear model which most of us know is not going to be sustainable into the future.

So why not join us? It’s good to talk.

‘The Circular Economy: Implementing a Business Strategy for Growth’ takes place on Tuesday 11th November from 5-8pm at Burness Paull LLP, 120 Bothwell Street, Glasgow G2 7JL.

Find out more about the event HERE

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