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Gold star to the non-wasters

I was out running last night with 2 friends, as they were talking about their cooking habits and I thought they both deserved a gold star from the Love Food Hate Waste team.

Zero Waste Scotland | 9 Mar 11

They are both busy working mums with limited time and great ideas;

  • They subscribe to a monthly food magazine.  When the magazine arrives, they sit down and plan their menus for the month based on the recipes in the magazine.  They said it saved them money as they don’t waste food and they get to eat delicious and varied meals.
  • They plan ahead and freeze foods so that if they are out, their partners can get something home-made out of the freezer.
  • If they have too much of something (especially with the Buy-One-Get-One-Free offers), they share it between the 2 households.
  • They have “freezer weeks” where they focus every meal around something in the freezer that needs using up.

Much of what they do is promoted in the Love Food Hate Waste campaign – and they find it saves them money, time and means they have delicious home-cooked food.  Well done ladies!

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