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European Week for Waste Reduction 2010

In honour of European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), some of our offices have been doing a little waste audit of their own.  As you would imagine, we’re a pretty disciplined bunch, but still found a few little areas for improvement;

Zero Waste Scotland | 22 Nov 10

The odd bit of paper, card or plastic in the general waste bin

 Unforgiveable food waste including an unopened yoghurt, a roll, half a Panini and the remains of shop-bought salad.

Crisp packets and sweet wrappers – all unfortunately non-recyclable.

Lots of tissue (I suppose it’s that time of year when we’re all getting the sniffles)

The team have set themselves a challenge for EWWR to reduce overall waste by 25%.  And they’ve distributed some very simple ideas to achieve this goal;


Only print documents when really needed and make sure they are printed double-sided.

Reuse paper that has only been printed on one side for scrap.

Try doing without waste bins at desks for the week.

Make more home-made lunches and fewer trips to the supermarket. If you buy lunch out, could you buy from somewhere that uses less packaging, or take your own reusable packaging?

Double-check before you bin any item – can it be recycled?

And double-doses of Echinacea all round, to help stop getting the sniffles! Or use washable hankies…

Why not do an audit in your office (or home).  Happy zero-wasting.

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