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Don’t forget to use your compost bin over the holiday period

We are back to freezing weather again so I keep the lid on my compost bin as this helps keep the snow out and the warmth in – just like us the mini beasts inside like to be warm! 

Zero Waste Scotland | 8 Dec 10

I’ve covered the top of the compost with a piece of old carpet to try to keep the freezing temperatures out.  I’ve swapped my 5 litre kitchen caddy with a 15 litre one temporarily for the holiday period so it can take all the extra  potato, carrot and sprout peelings as well as orange, Satsuma and banana skins.  I put scrunched up wrapping paper in the bin as well if it isn’t covered in foil or I can reuse it. I’m looking forward to all this seemingly useless waste being turned into compost in 2011.

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