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Christmas card recycling

With the New Year just a few days away you may be wondering what to do with the Christmas cards that will soon need to be taken down and discarded.

Zero Waste Scotland | 24 Dec 10

Of course the easy, and now hopefully normal practice, might be to recycle them either by using the local facilities provided by the council or at one of the charity boxes displayed at a nearby supermarket.  But then again there are other options that you could choose. Most of the cards will be suitable for home composting or if you’re feeling creative you can take some scissors and turn them into gift tags for next year.  

I know some people even take their favourite ones and frame them; then hang as a picture.  My recent discovery has been to turn them into gift boxes and I’m certainly not very ‘crafty’ so if I can do it anyone can!  Okay they’re not particularly big, but lovely for giving snall gifts like jewellery or even better filling with sweets and hanging on the Christmas Tree.  If you feel inspired put in a web search and you should be able to find instructions.  If all this sounds too much effort then cut them up and use them for writing shopping lists before recycling as normal.

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