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Avoiding the queues at the Civic Amenity site!

Even the greenest of us at this time of year produce more waste than normal and so I set off to my local recycling centre with my excess only to be met by more queues than most shops experience at sale time! 

Zero Waste Scotland | 30 Dec 10

 I guess everyone had the same idea, clearing out before the new year!  I was amazed at the amount of people just turning up with everything in black bags.  This seemed to be what was causing the queues, as the Council officers on duty had to inspect what the bags contained and where, if any of the materials could be recycled.  So here are my top tips to speed your visit up before you start your journey:

1.  If you have time separate the materials into three lots, recyclable materials for the recycling banks, reuse materials for chartity (some recycling centres take donations for local charities) and finally waste for the genearal waste section. 

2.  Sometimes materials that you might think are destained for the waste bin are actually recyclable, so why not visit the website www.sort-it.org.uk to find out what you recycle at your nearest site.  By keying in your postcode it allows you to enter most materials to search and identify where the nearest site to your postcode that takes the material are.

Happy 2011 when it arrives.

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